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It's a Wonderful Gift by hk-1440
It's a Wonderful Gift
"It's the time of the year when many choose to give me what you gave them. What am I supposed to do, rudely reject their gifts?" - Angel of Death to Angel of Life.

What Death meant is that Christmas is the time when suicide rates are believed to be at the highest at this point of the year. The girl in the picture is Life who is crying because of her gift of life were so willingly to be given to Death.

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hk-1440's Profile Picture
Yondo Kuromu
Hong Kong
I draw for the fun of it. When I was young, I was a moderate artist but I stopped when I was older. The time I was really into art again, it was the time when I was at my grade 5's summer. My art skills and interest later went into hibernation for the next six years. Now, at 2010's summer, my skills and interest have had left its hibernation mode! But due to the fact I didn't draw for a long time, I was from a beginner back to the beginner-beginning-stage-of-begun. I am still a long way from being a moderator, please leave comments to tell me how I can improve! Thanks a lot!

Comparing myself with an anime character, I look like the hybrid between Fuuta, Hibari and Tsuna. My hair style is like Fuuta, my eyes are like Hibari and my body shape is like Tsuna.

If you have an idea about something for me to draw, don't hesitate and comment below!
Favorite Character: Iron Man
Favorite Villain: Spider-Carnage
Favorite Anti-Hero: Deadpool

Favorite Pokemon: Raichu
Favorite ghost pokemon: Haunter
Favorite fire Pokemon: Arcanine
Favorite Pokemon out of the three from Indigo Journey: Charmander (because it evolves into Charmeleon)
Favorite water Pokemon: Wartortle
Favorite Psychic Pokemon: Kadabra
Favorite Dark Pokemon: Umbreon
Favorite grass Pokemon: Leafeon
Favorite normal Pokemon: Wigglytuff
Favorite Pokemon family: Eevee's family FTW!!!!!
Favorite Flying Pokemon: Pigeotto
Favorite rare beast: Lugia

Favorite Male Character: Tsuna
Favorite Female Character: Chrome
Favorite Vongola Guardian: Hibari
Favorite Varia character: Fran, Bel
Favorite Millefiore Family: Byakuran
Favorite Mist flame user: Mukuro and Daemon Spade
Favorite ring: Hell Ring (vein), Dino's Sky Flame ring, Vongola Sky Ring
Favorite side kick: Fuuta
Favorite Acrobaleno: Fon, Lal Mirch
Favorite Pacifier: Corrupted Pacifier
Favorite CEDEF character: Basil
Favorite Real Six Funeral Wreaths: Bluebell
Favorite Box Animal: Mukurowl, Uri, Nuts
Favorite Vongola Boss: Ricardo, Vongola Secondo
Least favorite character: Genkshi

I also enjoy doing personality quizes.

Personality quiz:
Flame test: Mist, Sky, Rain, Cloud
Reborn character test: Kyoko, Chrome, Tsuna
Reborn Varia Character test: Viper, Fran
Naruto personality quiz: Sasuke
Personality eye colour: brown, green, white
Personality hair colour: brown, blue
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
Terminator character: Kyle Reese

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